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Wooden Growler Carrier

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Wooden Growler Carrier

The quick and short of it:  As I started enjoying beer in growler quantities, I wanted something to carry my growlers, as well as keep them upright in the SUV.  Then after I washed them, I got tired of the water and a little sediment settling on the bottom of the bottle.  Mmm...what to do?  I invented Kelly's Wooden Growler Carriers!

Our Wooden Growler Carriers are made to easily tote two growlers of your favorite beer!  You will definitely get an approving nod when you walk in to your favorite brew pub carrying one of these!  Each of our Growler Carriers is hand made of wood, and one of a kind.  I've been playing around with the construction, but I can assure you all of our carriers are head turners! 

Each carrier is stained to bring out some pretty knarly grain and knot patterns.   I just think it fits with craft brews.  Then it's topped off with three coats of either polyurethane or varnish.  Construction?  Screws, nails, and glue!  Yes, it's a bit overbuilt.  But, if you're carrying two full growlers of your favorite beer, who wants to chance it!  No two carriers are alike, so the one you get may not look like the one in the photo.

The handle has a nice arc to it, and the hole is big enough to get your fingers in there without looking too weird.  The bottom has a hole on each side that is just the right size for turning a freshly washed growler upside down so the water and sediment can drain out.  Sweet!  Oh, yeh, the bottom is also raised just enough so the glass lip of the jar won't touch the ground when you turn your growler upside down.  And the sides of the carrier?  They sit flush on the ground!  I didn't want any garage mouse getting up inside my growler, so the carrier rests flat on the ground all the way around. 

The growlers in the photos do not come with the carrier, but I suspect you already have a couple of your own anyway.  Oh, and one other thing.  This makes a nifty tailgate gift as well!  You can always fill one side with peanuts (yes, put something across the drain hole...doh!) and use the other side to carry your growler.  Once you get to the party, take out the growler, drink your beer, eat your peanuts, and put the shells on the other side!  Freekin' genius!  Then you pitch your shells, take the empty growler home, wash, and repeat!